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BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING: – BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING is a field of engineering in with both the terms BIO and CHEMICAL have equal part. We can be named it as BIOLOGICAL ENGINEERING or CHEMICAL ENGINEERING. This is the new branch of engineering which is very popular now-a-days.

Most of the students like it and on a huge level it is developing as students are finding interest in it. BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING is mainly deals with the construction and design of Biochemical instruments which involves biological organism such as BIOREACTORS. The main applications of the biochemical engineering are in water treatment technologies, food, pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology and petrochemical industries. Students are finding their future in this BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING.


We got a brief introduction about BIOCHEMICAL ENGEERING, by which now we have an idea that what the biochemical engineering is all about? OR we can say that now we knew about the fields in which the BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING has its applications.

Now we will get an idea regarding the work of BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEER. So here is again a brief description of the work of BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEER.

As we read about the applications of BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING so it is very clear that the BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEER does a large number of work and the main work is about to change the daily lifestyle of human in ease and he has a responsibility to improve the lifestyle of human being. A BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEER is also responsible for development of chemicals and products we is a part of daily routine of our life. The products which a BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEER will produce can be petroleum based, cleaning products, fabrics, food products, pharmaceutical products, agricultural products and many more. So as we know that these all are related to our day to day life style. So, we can consider this stream as the most valuable stream for all of us now-a-days.

But this work needs a large number of researches related to the products, analysis, development, implementation and production of the products and chemicals by use of chemical labs and instruments. This work of the BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEER will provide a change and ease in our day to day life style.


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