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April 23, 2018

Biomedical Engineering Assignment Help


We as Biomedical Engineering Assignment Help are providing the best ever help for Biomedical Engineering Assignments. So, as we talking about Biomedical Engineering Assignments, we need to know about Biomedical Engineering first. We will talk about Biomedical Engineering as what comes under Biomedical Engineering? Which subject it covers? What is the work of a Biomedical Engineer? Career options for a Biomedical Engineer? And many more.

So let’s have a look to it.

Biomedical Engineering:-

Biomedical Engineering is a field of engineering which deals with principles and design concepts of engineering to healthcare. Biomedical engineering is the application of the principles and problem solving techniques of engineering to Biology and medicine. This is evident throughout healthcare, from diagnosis and analysis to treatment and recovery, and has entered the public conscience through the proliferation of implantable medical devices, such as pacemakers and artificial hips, to more futuristic technologies such as stem cell engineering and 3-D printing of biological organs.

This field seeks to close the gap between engineering and medicine, combining the design and problem solving skills of engineering with medical biological sciences to advance healthcare treatment, including diagnosis, monitoring and therapy.

Biomedical Engineers deals with the medical devices such as imaging equipment, biomedical materials such as prostheses or therapeutic biological, or processes such as regenerative tissue growth. Biomedical Engineering program Comprises study about tissue engineering, molecular or systems level biology/physiology and mathematics. Students get to study about biomedical electronics, quantitative and analytical skills required to interpret data acquired and processing of medical data including imaging and enhancement techniques. Other aspects of the program include the study of biomechanics, cellular engineering, genetic engineering, orthopedic surgery, bio-instrumentation, medical imaging and bio-materials.

Subjects come under Biomedical Engineering:-

  • Biofluid Mechanics
  • Biomedical Image Processing
  • Biophotonics
  • Medical Informatics and Telemedicine
  • Principles of Diagnostics and Therapeutic Equipments
  • Biomaterials
  • Biomedical Nanotechnology
  • Computational Neuroscience
  • Methods for medical Diagnostics
  • Tissue Engineering

Scope of Biomedical Engineering:-

Biomedical Engineering is the greatest need of a human being as per our day to day life. The work of a biomedical engineer is to develop a technology for the health of human entity. Biomedical Engineer deals with the medical or biological devices to create or develop applications for us. In the last few years, both Forbes and CNN money have dubbed biomedical Engineering as the best healthcare career out there.

Career paths in biomedical engineering tend to be driven by the interests of the individual: the breadth of this field allows biomedical engineers to develop specialties in an area that interests them, be it biomaterials, neuromodulation devices, and stem cell engineering and orthopedic repair. It is this hybridization that has led to so much innovation-and so much opportunity in biomedical engineering. New medical devices, arising in the research laboratories of biomedical engineers around the world, have completely altered the manner by which disease and trauma is dealt with by physician, extending the quality and length of human life.

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