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Metallurgical Engineering is a wide field of engineering which deals with the application of engineering methodologies and techniques in the study and analysis of the chemical and physical behavior of metallic elements. In it we also study about technology of metals, the way metals and alloys are manufactured, how metal ores are processed and refined. We also study about inter-metallic compounds. Alloys are called as mixtures of these inter-metallic compounds. We can also call it as the end to end process of manufacturing of metals and its compounds.

Metallurgy can be divided into ferrous and non ferrous Metallurgy. Other classification of Metallurgy includes Extraction Metallurgy. It this we study about the entire process of extraction of metals from its ore and refining it. In this field of engineering students study about the extraction, mining, processing and designing of metals. The use of Metallurgy is to create alloys as alloys are the combination of inter-metallic compounds. An alloy is the resistant of corrosion and also of a high strength. We are most used element for the creation of many applications.

One can see a bright future in this field of engineering. As this is the latest technology demand. There are sub parts also for this field if one want to make his future in any particular field. One can go for Physical metallurgy or he/she can go for Hydro metallurgy as well.

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