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AutoCAD is a designing and drafting software program that was developed in year 1982 by Autodesk. AutoCAD is mainly used for architecture, manufacturing and construction for creating blueprints of bridges, buildings etc. It is widely used in construction jobs for preparing 2D and 3D images of buildings.

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AutoCAD has a vast scope and is used in different fields of engineering. It has numerous applications and uses, some of its basic applications are:

  • Graphic designing – AutoCAD is used by professionals for planning architectural spaces. It creates a unique design tool that is used along with different design tools such as 3D Max and Maya tool.
  • 3D printing – It is used in model designing; it helps in selecting any object and then creating its 3D image.
  • Architecture – It provides several templates and samples that are selected and constructed for architecture and different purposes.
  • Mechanical engineering – AutoCAD has great application in mechanical engineering. It is used for designing parts of a machine, assembling it, creating machine animations and designing infrastructural designs.


AutoCAD is not easy for everyone; it requires high expertise and practice in order to learn the operating and functioning of these applications. Engineering students encounters lots of trouble while using this application. Read further to know the difficulties of learning AutoCAD application:

  • Lack of study resources and equipments like many students don’t have computers or laptops for practicing the AutoCAD program. Sometimes due to lack of study equipments students only understand the theoretical concepts while practical concept learning is also very necessary.
  • Sometimes a student work on an older version of AutoCAD applications, due to which they face errors and mistakes in programming codes and face difficulties in running a program.
  • AutoCAD is not an easy application, to learn its operating work and functioning, students are required to practice and study hard and study with full concentration.
  • AutoCAD works on basic designer approach, many students do not know how to accurately draw a diagram in AutoCAD. Many students repeat or create duplicate drawing which creates trouble while working on AutoCAD.


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AutoCAD problems and questions are not easy to crack. In order to make student learn this discipline and program, university teachers conduct practical classes and training on computers. But only relying on classroom study and practice is really enough? No, to study AutoCAD, proper revision and daily practice is also must but many students fail to do so, thus they seek online AutoCAD assignment help and AutoCAD project help online. At Expertsbuzz we offer great academic aid and learning experience to students and assist them in topics such as:

  • Dimensioning and DIMSTYLE
  • Internet and Collaboration
  • View in 3D – Isometric, Axonometric and Perspective
  • Creating a 3D workspace
  • Flattening 3D to 2D
  • Orchard Drawings
  • Creating Basic Solid Primitives
  • XREF and using multiple drawing
  • Edit and Modify Drawings
  • Design Platte
  • Animations
  • Layers and Layer Management
  • Display Modes (Visual Styles, Transparency, Edge Effects)
  • 3D editing & manipulation
  • Use of Viewports in 3D
  • Photo-Real Rendering
  • Pentigon Drawing and many more.


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