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Statistics is the branch of mathematics that allows the collection, analysis, interpretation and evaluation of specific data. It includes the study of different methods that are used to view, analyze, determine, and collect data through various statistics measures like analysis, skewness, regression, variance, kurtosis, mean and many more.

Branches of statistics

Every statistics student must know the branches of statistics to learn statistics discipline properly. It is really essential for a statistics student to learn it completely and know about it branches in order to complete its assignments and projects. Statistics has two major branches, they are:

  1. Descriptive statistics – It includes the study of presenting and collecting the data, this is not as easy as it sounds. To complete its assignments statistics students must have good knowledge of different statistics designing experiments.
  2. Inferential statistics – It is the study of concluding the statistical analysis and drawing results. It is performed with the help of descriptive statistics. To complete assignments and project of this branch of statistics, students should have proper knowledge of descriptive statistics.


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  • Quantitative analysis project help

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  • Statistical software and programs

Statistics assignments are generally assigned for statistical software such as MINITAB, SPSS, MATLAB and SAS. Our statistics experts and professionals have years of industry experience thus they aid students in statistical software assignments and help students to learn the operating function of these programs.

  • Exclusive set of statistics assignments

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